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     "Reading J. Todd Kingrea’s With a Blighted Touch was like surviving a dark ride designed by Stephen King. The story of an antihero revisiting his Tennessee hometown to defeat a creeping evil was scary, delicious, and fun."

                                                                          —Steven Ramirez, author of The Hellborn Series

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With a Blighted Touch

        What if your touch made someone else susceptible for a merciless, evil entity?  One touch of your hand and people could die in bizarre, gruesome or mystifying ways.  Imagine being the plaything of a blasphemous monstrosity—and you aren’t even aware of it.

        That’s the predicament of Christopher “Kit” McNeil.  In the midst of a broken, hand-to-mouth life, an unexpected death forces him to return to his small hometown in the Tennessee mountains after eighteen years. A talented guitarist with a history of foul luck and poor choices, Kit discovers a connection between himself and the plague of deaths that have devastated nearly half of his high school graduating class.

        When he becomes a suspect in the death of a police officer, and is stalked by three horrific and unnatural children, Kit realizes that the blighted nature of the town—and his own life—are linked to an ancient, malefic being.  She will soon be free to roam the land once more.  But can Kit get out of his own way long enough to face down the Mother of a Thousand Wombs?  Or will the depraved Dunley family continue their reign of terror over Black Rock by helping to unleashing the thing that the Cherokee once called Uyaga?   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Deiparian Saga

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BOOK II: The Crimson Fathers

          Malachi Thorne and Teska Vaun forge new alliances as they attempt to strengthen the underground resistance movement against the Fifth Order and the Crimson Fathers.   An unexpected betrayal throws everything into chaos--until Thorne devises a radical and dangerous plan that will send an unforgettable message to the Fifth Order.  But in order to carry it out, he first needs to find "The Flame," an ancient weapon that may be the only hope of destroying the Crimson Fathers.

          Dario Darien, Tycho Hawkes, and Solomon Warner find themselves prisoners in a Church compliance camp as they track down Dario's niece and nephew.  With new friends at their side they must face the frigid dangers of the Great Appian Mountains and the dark things that live among the towering peaks.

          The Three Who Are One and the Enodia Communion, severely diminished after the events of The Witchfinder, must decide where their future lies.  A burgeoning civil war within their ranks threatens to tear them apart when they are at their weakest.

          All these threads come together in an earth-shattering climax that will forever reshape Thorne, Vaun, the Crimson Fathers, the Church of the Deiparous, and the fate of the known world.

BOOK I: The Witchfinder

        In a post-apocalyptic world where the Church of the Deiparous is God, what happens when faith, truth and freedom collide?

        When his God begins to hunt him down, Witchfinder Imperator Malachi Thorne of the Paracletian Order is forced into a crisis of faith.

        Dario Darien, seeking answers to the mysterious death of his brother-in-law, uncovers a sinister cabal of resurrected evil from the Church’s forbidden past.

        Teska Vaun, a woman with a special gift and a chip on her shoulder, pursues vengeance but is thrust into leadership of a conflict that has spanned the centuries.


        When a convicted heretic and traitor escapes Thorne’s clutches, he and his companions are swept into a journey of danger, betrayal, redemption and freedom. Pursued by a witch cult out for his blood and a madman within his own Order, Thorne must question all he’s ever known. An unexpected reunion offers a chance at forgiveness, but also forces a choice: will he cling to all he’s ever known, or will he embrace a dangerous new cause that may very well cost him his life? The world of Deiparia rushes toward a new millennium and the collision of faith, magic, war and freedom.


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