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The Crimson Fathers           Book II of The Deiparian Saga

2022     BHC Press                                      Hardback, paperback, ebook

ISBN Numbers:  Hardcover:  978-1-64397-319-7

                         Softcover:   978-1-64397-320-3

                         Ebook:         978-1-64397-321-0 

                         LCCN: 2021944529

          In a post-apocalyptic world where tyranny and medieval torture reign supreme and witch burnings are an everyday occurrence, a top Witchfinder must confront the very Church he serves when he learns of its dark past and twisted plans for the future.

          With the Fifth Order in complete control of the Church of the Deiparous, Malachi Thorne and his friends must find “the Flame,” a powerful weapon which may be the only chance they have of halting the evil of the Crimson Fathers. 

          As they navigate the Tex’ahn lands and work with the resistance, Thorne discovers a devastating secret that may destroy them all and everything they have worked for.

          Filled with swift action, unusual creatures, dungeon crawls, and an engaging cast of characters, The Crimson Fathers is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction.

          “The Crimson Fathers has it all: action, adventure, romance, battles both magical and physical, terrifying monsters, heroes you will love, and villains you will love to hate, all woven into a suspenseful, page-turning plot.” 

                                                                                                                                     —Arthur Shattuck O'Keefe, author of The Spirit Phone

          "Kingrea has an excellent way of describing what's unfolding as well as the setting, so you feel like you're right there watching, feeling, and hearing it all. The story will keep you enthralled from cover to cover, and will keep you wondering what's going to happen next. You really don't want to miss out on this series!"

                                                                                                                                     —Lilyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review

          "This story has a nice blend of historical, horror and fantasy genres and pretty much everything you could want in a story.
The writing is so absorbing you feel like you can smell the places the rebels are hiding out in."

                                                                                                                                     —Margaret Hamnett, Goodreads reviewer

The Witchfinder                   Book I of The Deiparian Saga

2021     BHC Press                                      Hardback, paperback, ebook

ISBN Numbers:  Hardcover:  978-1-64397-236-7

                          Softcover:  978-1-64397-237-4

                          Ebook:  978-1-64397-238-1

                          LCCN:  2020937787

        In a post-apocalyptic world where tyranny and medieval torture reign supreme and witch burnings are an everyday occurrence, a top Witchfinder must confront the very Church he serves when he learns of its dark past and twisted plans for the future.

        The Church of the Deiparous rules with an iron fist and its rising star, Witchfinder Imperator Malachi Thorne, is committed to leading its cause. Thorne is a man on the fast track to greater things so when a convicted traitor and heretic escapes his grip, he won’t tolerate it marring his perfect record. 

        As he pursues his quarry, he must confront demons, sorcery, and a cult of witches out for his blood. But when Thorne comes face to face with the Church’s dark past and its twisted present, his faith is tested to its limits. Now Thorne must decide who and what he believes in—and what he will do about it.

        This was an amazing read!  The story was very original and the world-building was phenomenal.  Kingrea does an incredible job detailing the world and characters making it very easy to visualize.”                    — Hailey Vraney, NetGalley Reviewer


        “Very original story and worldbuilding.  Great discovery and I highly recommend it!”        — Mackenzie Bernatchez, Bookseller


        “The Witchfinder transports you to a dimension filled with sorcery, deception, and triumph.  Thorne’s journey captivates the reader, taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions that is perfectly tied up by the end of the novel.  A great read for those interested in fantasy, mystery, and magic.”                                                                                                       — Anastasia Wood, NetGalley Reviewer

Bullied! Confronting and Overcoming Six Major Obstacles
to Church Effectiveness

2016     eLectio Publishing     ISBN-1632131358               Paperback, ebook

     Bullying is an issue that has taken on renewed emphasis in our electronically-connected, social media world. We’re more aware than ever that bullying happens in many places: in the workplace, on professional sports teams, in schools and on social media. Finding solutions to the problem has become an important part of our cultural conversation. However, there’s one place in society where bullying continues unchecked, where it is rarely confronted and often covertly rewarded: the church.


     Pastors, staff, and church members experience bullying with alarming regularity. It’s a prime reason why many churches remain ineffective, in decline or dying.


     Using the letter of 1st Corinthians as a guide and the church in Corinth as an example, Bullied! takes a blunt, unflinching look at six internal reasons why our churches are in trouble, and offers avenues of renewal and hope. With this resource you can help your church address what’s holding it back and be part of a solution that brings new life and vitality.

       "The author provides a detailed exploration of the spiritual, historical and biblical roots of bullying in the church. His careful dissection of history and biblical texts causes the reading to be slow, but he captures important details that are often ignored due to the poisons spewed by many of the church bullies. Be prepared to dive deep, reflect and pray much as you read. I'm confident you will find encouragement, hope and useful tips for the spiritual battle of dealing with church bullies"

                                                  --Eddie Hammett, Author of Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age, President of Transforming Solutions

        "A very helpful book that provides practical, spiritual approaches to re-invigorating churches that have been "bullied" - lost focus, can't/won't change, have the wrong priorities. Well written and strongly spiritual in its approach. Personally, it helped me resolve issues from having failed to support a great pastor and seeing that pastor depart the church."                                  --Roger K.

Carrying on the Mission of Jesus: Rediscovering the mission, identity and purpose of the Church

2013     Dove Christian Publishers     ISBN-0988380919          Paperback, ebook

     You go to church for worship. You sing the songs. You listen to the sermon. And you go home much the same as when you arrived. Church has become just an institutional ritual, far from the dynamic, prayerful, powerful church of the New Testament. However, there is hope.

     Receive and experience life-changing spiritual growth through this 12-week devotional--for individual or group use--that offers a challenging, informative journey back to the heart of the early church. This compelling Bible study of the book of Acts examines the mission, the leadership, and the lifestyle of the early church, with the premise that God intended for the body of Christ to be exciting and dangerous, not fixed, bored and apathetic.

     Carrying on the Mission of Jesus makes the case that the church is to be an alternative form of community, living in grace, service, love and compassion, and transforming the community around it. If you have ever felt disillusioned, disconnected, or unsure of your destiny in Christ, this study will help connect you back to the heart of God and to the purpose and nature of the church.  It's a book for those who have a genuine desire to be radical, to see a revival of Holy Spirit power, prayer, missional motivation, evangelism, and clear purpose in the church.. It is for those who want to bridge the gap between what the church is now, and what the church used to be.

        "One of the best Christian books I have read!!! A lot of food for thought, study and learning more about Jesus."

                                                                                                                                                                                                     --J. Zimmerman

        "This is not a call to arms as such: nevertheless, it is an unmistakable exhortation to action; and Pastor Kingrea's writing style comes across as effortlessly lucid and readable. Never is it suggested that the journey will be an "easy" one, but its importance to those who recognize and believe in the original mission of the church as established by Jesus cannot be underestimated. If you've ever wondered what your church is actually DOING, this is the book for you."                                                                     --S. Dallmann

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