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Fairplay, Colorado

An authentic 1870s mining town restoration in Fairplay, Colorado (2017). The best self-guided tour I've ever taken! It's like walking back in history.

Todd in Hollywood

At the star of my favorite actor, Lon Chaney Sr. (2012)

Brett Kingrea

Brett slides into 3rd base (2012) Photo copyright Keeli Parkey

Grand Canyon rainbow

I was lucky enough to reach the southern rim of the Grand Canyon just in time to catch this (2012)

Todd & Felicia in Vietnam

My wife, Felicia, and I having lunch at Pho 24 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2007)

Matthew playing baseball

Matthew playing 2nd base (2017)

Matthew and Brett in two countries

My sons, Matthew and Brett, just hanging at the border (2012)


Once, during my years in youth ministry, some of the girls decided I'd look good as a carpet cleaning brush (2002)


In front of Chesky Krumlov castle, Czech Republic (2010)

Jamaica sunset

Sunset at Montego Bay, Jamaica (2009)

The 1970s live!

For Halloween 2016, Todd went full 70s retro


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