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Bullied! Confronting and Overcoming Six Major Obstacles
to Church Effectiveness

2016     eLectio Publishing     ISBN-1632131358               Paperback, ebook

     Bullying is an issue that has taken on renewed emphasis in our electronically-connected, social media world. We’re more aware than ever that bullying happens in many places: in the workplace, on professional sports teams, in schools and on social media. Finding solutions to the problem has become an important part of our cultural conversation. However, there’s one place in society where bullying continues unchecked, where it is rarely confronted and often covertly rewarded: the church.


     Pastors, staff, and church members experience bullying with alarming regularity. It’s a prime reason why many churches remain ineffective, in decline or dying.


     Using the letter of 1st Corinthians as a guide and the church in Corinth as an example, Bullied! takes a blunt, unflinching look at six internal reasons why our churches are in trouble, and offers avenues of renewal and hope. With this resource you can help your church address what’s holding it back and be part of a solution that brings new life and vitality.

       "The author provides a detailed exploration of the spiritual, historical and biblical roots of bullying in the church. His careful dissection of history and biblical texts causes the reading to be slow, but he captures important details that are often ignored due to the poisons spewed by many of the church bullies. Be prepared to dive deep, reflect and pray much as you read. I'm confident you will find encouragement, hope and useful tips for the spiritual battle of dealing with church bullies"

                                                  --Eddie Hammett, Author of Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age, President of Transforming Solutions

        "A very helpful book that provides practical, spiritual approaches to re-invigorating churches that have been "bullied" - lost focus, can't/won't change, have the wrong priorities. Well written and strongly spiritual in its approach. Personally, it helped me resolve issues from having failed to support a great pastor and seeing that pastor depart the church."                                  --Roger K.


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