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The Deiparian Saga maps

        The Deiparian Saga is the title of Todd's epic fantasy trilogy made up of The Witchfinder, The Crimson Fathers, and Bane of the Witch. The first two books are currently available from BHC Press and book retailers. Book 3, Bane of the Witch, is slated for release in 2024.

        Deiparia (pronounced Dee-pair-e-uh) is the kingdom that exists in what was once the eastern part of the United States ages after an extinction-level event decimated the world. An untold period of thousands of years passed as humanity clawed its way back from the verge of destruction. The trilogy is set 1,000 years after humanity had once again started keeping track of dates and history. I've often been asked how the characters and people could forget so much about technology and life in just 1,000 years. The truth is that it's been 1,000 years + the unspecified millennia beforehand that caused humanity to forget its history, technology, and cultures. As the push for personal freedom evolves throughout the trilogy, bits and pieces of humanity's past come to light.

        The Witchfinder was supposed to have a map of the realm printed inside. However, due to some last minute changes it could not be included. I'm proud to be able to share it here and hope it makes your enjoyment of the trilogy better.

Map created by Tânia Gomes             2018 by Mystic Wings Art

Map and rights relating to it are the sole property of the Artist and is used here under license.

This map may not be reprinted or shared online without permission.

     In Book 2, The Crimson Fathers, several of the characters are sent to the Saxonburgh compliance camp. I created a map to help me visualize the setting and ensure that the layout remained consistent from scene to scene and chapter to chapter. I include it below in the event that you, like me, prefer to *see* what things look like.


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