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Carrying on the Mission of Jesus: Rediscovering the mission, identity and purpose of the Church

2013     Dove Christian Publishers     ISBN-0988380919          Paperback, ebook

     You go to church for worship. You sing the songs. You listen to the sermon. And you go home much the same as when you arrived. Church has become just an institutional ritual, far from the dynamic, prayerful, powerful church of the New Testament. However, there is hope.

     Receive and experience life-changing spiritual growth through this 12-week devotional--for individual or group use--that offers a challenging, informative journey back to the heart of the early church. This compelling Bible study of the book of Acts examines the mission, the leadership, and the lifestyle of the early church, with the premise that God intended for the body of Christ to be exciting and dangerous, not fixed, bored and apathetic.

     Carrying on the Mission of Jesus makes the case that the church is to be an alternative form of community, living in grace, service, love and compassion, and transforming the community around it. If you have ever felt disillusioned, disconnected, or unsure of your destiny in Christ, this study will help connect you back to the heart of God and to the purpose and nature of the church.  It's a book for those who have a genuine desire to be radical, to see a revival of Holy Spirit power, prayer, missional motivation, evangelism, and clear purpose in the church.. It is for those who want to bridge the gap between what the church is now, and what the church used to be.

        "One of the best Christian books I have read!!! A lot of food for thought, study and learning more about Jesus."

                                                                                                                                                                                                     --J. Zimmerman

        "This is not a call to arms as such: nevertheless, it is an unmistakable exhortation to action; and Pastor Kingrea's writing style comes across as effortlessly lucid and readable. Never is it suggested that the journey will be an "easy" one, but its importance to those who recognize and believe in the original mission of the church as established by Jesus cannot be underestimated. If you've ever wondered what your church is actually DOING, this is the book for you."                                                                     --S. Dallmann


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